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Benefits of basic exercises:

Working out several muscle groups at the same time. Basic exercises grow your muscles faster, and it takes you less time and energy to train than when you create a program of isolating movements.
Basic exercise increases your testosterone levels. This is extremely important for a straight athlete (who does not use steroids), as with low testosterone, muscle growth is greatly slowed down.
Training takes less time, which has a positive effect on the work of the hormonal system.

Benefits of Isolation exercises:

Isolating exercises for fitness allow you to work out the muscles separately, adjust the proportions of the figure point-by-point. Example: you want to pump up the glutes without increasing the size of the quadriceps. You can increase the volume of the glutes with squats and lunges (basic fitness exercises), but they lead to undesirable growth of the quadriceps for you. Pulling the leg back in the simulator involves the leg muscles minimally, focusing on the gluteal muscles. You achieve a goal that cannot be achieved with basic movements.
“Drawing” of the muscles. The athlete has built up a significant amount of muscle mass with the help of basic movements and wants to improve the shape, “draw” each muscle in more detail. Isolating fitness exercises come to the rescue.
The maximum effect is achieved by combining basic and isolating exercises.

Best Fitness Exercises
The best exercises for fitness


We have collected the best fitness exercises that can change your figure in the shortest possible time. Here are the TOP 10 fitness exercises that must be included in your program.

Exercise for fitness # 1. Running at an easy pace

Running at an easy pace


Purpose: fat burning, toning up the muscles, improving the body.

Running at a light pace (jogging) is the simplest and most popular physical exercise. To start running training, you do not need to buy additional equipment, there is no need to spend money and time. You can even start running at home – running on the spot is proof of this. Over time, you can master running training at a different level, purchase the necessary equipment, and invest time and effort in this hobby. But you don’t need absolutely anything to start with. This fact destroys any excuses like “I don’t have sneakers to start running”.

Running is the best exercise for improving the body, preventing the “diseases of civilization” that are caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Alternative: swimming, cross-country skiing.

Fitness exercise #2. Barbell Squats

Barbell Squats


Goal: to develop the muscles of the legs and buttocks, improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increase testosterone levels (in men), accelerate the growth of muscle mass, create an attractive feminine figure (in women), improve health.

Squats – the best exercise for the lower body, which includes all the muscles of the lower body, the press, and also loads the muscles of the upper body when performing squats with a barbell or dumbbells.

Squats for men are useful for increasing the level of testosterone, which is expressed in the growth of masculinity, improving well-being, increasing libido. Regular performance of squats prevents the development of diseases in the pelvic organs, among which prostatitis and other problems of the reproductive system can be distinguished.

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